Experience amazing culinary journeys and destinations, prepared and hosted by Grass Tree Kitchen.

You’ll then learn how to bring the flavours of these glorious destinations back home — so you can recreate sensational meals for family and friends. Simply book your flights and Grass Tree Kitchen will take care of the rest.


Amsterdam,  Bali,  Capetown,  New Zealand,  Perth,  Tasmania,  Vietnam

Take a food tour of Amsterdam with Grass Tree Kitchen


We invite you to discover with us a city of meandering canals that journey through the historical old city past the Rijksmuseum and the Heineken factory to the contemporary architecture surrounding the harbour. We will travel on a private canal boat cooking local fare.

Amsterdam food tour – bookings and enquiries



Cheese is big business in the Netherlands, so you won’t want to go home without visiting one of Amsterdam’s many 'kaas' shops or markets and tasting some Gouda, Geitenkaas or Maasdammer.

We will visit the Foodhallen, a short walk from the canal boat, which is a unique addition to Amsterdam and the very first “indoor food market” in the Netherlands. Here we will enjoy food and delicious drinks in one beautiful location. You will discover the best food that Amsterdam has to offer. Each of the stalls a new delight from the motto “one chef one dish” — our absolute favourite here, the one and only gin and tonic bar.

The cooking classes will include some of the most famous Dutch cuisine such as pickled herring, proffertjes (Dutch baby pancakes) and Bitterballen (a deep fried meatball coated in breadcrumbs). Another local fare is Snert which is a pork and pea soup) delicious despite its name. 

Take a food tour of Bali with Grass Tree Kitchen

Bali Food Tour

Simply organise your own flights to Bali and our personal driver will pick you up from the airport or your hotel. We will meet you in the beautiful grounds of the very private Anyar Estate located in the traditional village of Banjar Anyar in Kerobokan, north of Seminyak.

Bali food tour – bookings and enquiries



Anyar Estate offers a wonderful private Bali Villa experience meeting all your lifestyle needs including full time staff, private swimming pools, spacious stylish bedrooms with en-suites and fully equipped kitchens all set in lush tropical gardens.

Visiting local rice farms, sweet stalls and markets, while learning from the locals and cooking with the amazing ingredients you encounter.

Cooking Classes will include dishes to tempt your taste buds: Mie Goreng, Roasted White Eggplant, Tempe Curry, Fern Salad and Green Coconut Crepes,  Chicken Curry, Stir-fried Eggplant, Bean-coconut Salad, Coconut and Anchovy Sambal and Sago Pudding.


Take a food tour of Capetown with Grass Tree Kitchen


This beautiful tour takes us on a journey to South Africa — the home of the wilderness safari, animals in the wild, incredible guides, with food and wine all locally produced at some of the world’s signature restaurants. From our beachside lodging under the shadow of Table Mountain we will experience the food from traditional African meals to the new contemporary dishes created by innovative chefs in the many restaurants in Capetown.

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We will visit Singita Lembombo, a private game lodge which shares a boundary with Kruger National Park, where you can get up close and personal with the “big five”.

Cooking under the stars in our Braai (traditional outdoor cooking method) whilst watching the sun setting over the tableland and seeing herds of amazing African animals grazing peacefully in the distance.

In the second part of the journey we will introduce you to some of the worlds top restaurants in Cape Town. It is a short walk from our residence to the famous Victoria and Albert Waterfront where numerous cafes, shops and music are there to entertain you. We will continue our journey to Robben Island to visit the prison home of Nelson Mandela.

For the strong and adventurous there is an amazing climb to the top of Table Mountain, the 360 views from the top are spectacular and well worth the effort. For those who would like a gentler thrill you can travel via Aerial Cableway to the top of Table Mountain where a picnic we prepared earlier of amazing local produce awaits.

Cooking classes include not only traditional south African dishes of "pap and vleis", which is maize meal and grilled meat but also we will learn how make “biltong” (dried meat) as well as discover dishes using South Africa’s amazing seafood and rich game meat.


Take a food tour of New Zealand with Grass Tree Kitchen

New Zealand Food Tour

“Sometimes you need to go to the ends of the earth to find a taste made in heaven” — Oyster Bay.

For the first part of our tour we will stay on the North Island in the beautiful settings of Hawke’s Bay, also known as ‘The food bowl of New Zealand’. The luxurious accommodation at Greenhill lodge gives us the ability to offer a relaxing beginning to your tour with wine tastings at world class vineyards, visiting open air markets or more adventurous activities such as fly fishing in places that may only be accessible by helicopter. After sourcing all sorts of local produce, we get together to prepare everything from beautiful mussels, to the unique Indigenous shellfish Tuatua.

For the second part of our journey, we invite you to come with us to the famous Marlborough region to stay in a Private lodge, overlooking the beautiful bay.

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Our highlights can be found in the unique experience of harvesting green-lipped mussels in and around the Oyster bay region. In the beautiful scenery of vineyards, we will be combining the local produce, using fresh ingredients to create great meals — pairing New Zealand’s mouth-watering cuisine beautifully with their outstanding wines.

The cooking classes will include not only marvellously fresh seafood, but also whilst being on the North Island we would like to use this opportunity to introduce you to the traditional way of cooking in a hangi.


Take a food tour of Perth with Grass Tree Kitchen

Perth Food Tour

Come with us to explore Prue’s hometown in the Southern corner of Western Australia, the birthplace of Prue’s seafood passion and where the Grass Tree Kitchen concept all began. Perth is famous for white beaches, blue skies, wild surf, sensational seafood and fine wine.

Perth food tour – bookings and enquiries



You will no longer just imagine cooking freshly caught sardines, you will experience the joy of catching, preparing and feasting on these lesser known delicacies whilst learning the secrets of catching this amazing highly flavoured small fish, from one of Perth’s most passionate local fisherman and factory owner who’s family migrated from Cecily many generations ago.

Wade in the shallow waters south of Perth and catch the succulent Blue Manner crabs cooked at a beach BBQ. Wander through the markets collecting locally produced cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables to add to the menu. Visit the “Wildflower Restaurant” located in the world famous Como Hotel in the centre of Perth and talk to the chef to discover his inspiration behind incorporating native foods in his menu.

Cooking Classes will include dishes featuring locally caught seafood, prawns, Western rock lobster, crabs, scallops, abalone and fresh fish including King George Whiting, Dhufish, Taylor, Garfish and Bream. Fresh produce from the local growers markets matched with world renowned Margaret River wines to tempt your taste buds.


Take a food tour of Tasmania with Grass Tree Kitchen

Tasmania Food Tour

If you love food, then Hobart is the latest place to be. With its fresh and amazing produce, we will have your taste buds doing backflips. Imagine that perfect glass of wine, clean and crisp. Hobart is where you need to be and our passionate chefs cannot wait to take you straight to the source.

Once arrived in Hobart, we will take you to the beautiful buildings of a former jam factory. Today known as The Henry Jones Art Hotel, this unique accommodation is Australia’s first dedicated Art Hotel.   Being located directly on Hobart’s waterfront, it enables us to experience and capture the beauty of Farmers Markets, Restaurants and Bars.

Tasmania food tour – bookings and enquiries



As we love both the joy of preparing our own dinner and appreciating the luxury of eating out in some of the fine dining restaurants Hobart has to offer, we combine these two dining experiences.

To be able to use our inspiration in this beautiful “Foodie” atmosphere, we start off with sourcing local products from farmer’s markets, salmon and oyster farms and award winning cheese producers. Whether it is freshly caught octopus just BBQ’d by the local fisherman and served with a shot of ouzo or the perfect wood-fire pizza bread, we know just where to go. Whilst preparing a mouth-watering meal accompanied by Tasmanian wines, our chefs as well as local chefs guide you through this exclusive journey.

Learn from fishermen that have not only passed on how to fish, but the best way to cook seafood straight out of the ocean.

When enjoying the exquisite luxury of eating out, we enable you to enjoy tasting menus of Hobart’s top chefs. We cannot wait to share these great moments with you.


Take a food tour of Vietnam with Grass Tree Kitchen


All you need to do is organise your own flights to Vietnam and we will do the rest. We will organise for you to be picked up from the airport and take you to the hotel. Once you have settled in, we will meet you for a welcoming drink and chat about whats in store for the next 5 days.

Vietnam food tour – bookings and enquiries



Strolling through the famous night markets. You may spot 'Bún chả' or 'Phở', delicious noodle dishes from Hanoi, 'Banh Nam', little steamed cakes in banana leaf from Hue, or Bánh xèo, crispy rice pancakes from the Mekong Delta, as well as plenty of other delicacies.

Wander through Nguyen Thuong Hien Street,  also known as “Snail Street”. Here you will find not only the freshest seafood but also Vietnamese delicacies such as Battered Crickets,  green mango or coconut rice crackers.

Shop, prepare and then cook mouth watering authentic Vietnamese dishes.