On Board P&O

Guest Presenting

For the last four years Prue Daly has been invited by P&O as a guest presenter on their fleet of five cruise ships.

As part of Food and Wine experiences offered on board each cruise ship Prue Daly shares her extensive knowledge and passion through:

Culinary Demonstrations, Master Classes (Hands On Cooking Classes), Food and Wine Pairing, Beer/Cider and Food Pairing, Tequila and Food Pairing, Chefs Table (Degustation with Matching Wines).



Departing Adelaide, Feb 24
Ship: Pacific Eden
Voyage Number: E812N

Departing Melbourne, Mar 09
Ship: Pacific Eden
Voyage Number: E815

Departing Melbourne, Mar 24
Ship: Pacific Eden
Voyage Number: E819

Departing Sydney, Apr 13
Ship: Pacific Eden
Voyage Number: E823

Departing Auckland, May 04
Ship: Pacific Jewel
Voyage Number: J820

Departing Sydney, June 01
Ship: Pacific Explorer
Voyage Number: X828N

Departing Brisbane, June 09
Ship: Pacific Dawn
Voyage Number: W830

Departing Brisbane, July 28
Ship: Pacific Dawn
Voyage Number: W839

Departing Auckland, Aug 23
Ship: Pacific Jewel
Voyage Number: J835

Departing Sydney, Sept 08
Ship: Pacific Explorer
Voyage Number: X842

Departing Brisbane, Oct 20
Ship: Pacific Dawn
Voyage Number: W854


Grass Tree Kitchen by Prue Daly Embarks on an Exciting New Venture

Prue Daly and passionate Grass Tree Kitchen Chefs proudly present an exclusive culinary experience like none other at sea. Partnering with P&O Cruises, a Grass Tree Kitchen by Prue Daly Cooking School has been built on board Pacific Aria. We provide guests with an opportunity to learn cooking skills and prepare mouthwatering dishes, whilst cruising.

 Grass Tree Kitchen's Salmon Summer Salad

P&O’s first cooking school at sea gives you the opportunity to experience the following:

  • A memorable culinary adventure
  • An intimate hands-on cooking class
  • Experienced Grass Tree Kitchen chef
  • Class recipes to take home
  • Grass Tree Kitchen Cookbook ($20 rrp)
  • Full dining experience – lunch/dinner provided
  • Complimentary wine and beer
 Grass Tree Kitchen's Prue Daly aboard P&O's Pacific Aria

Master the art of beautifully crafted cuisines as your Grass Tree Kitchen chef guides you through the preparation of specialty dishes.

During your cruise Grass Tree Kitchen will be taking your taste buds to sea as you enjoy an unforgettable hands on food and dining experience. Whether a complete novice or an experience cook, you are sure to both enjoy and learn recipes to recreate with family and friends.

 Learn to make Grass Tree Kitchen's Sour Dough

Prue Daly has put together a selection of mouthwatering recipes and created classes for you to enjoy such as:

  • Canapés to Entertain
  • Flavours of Asia
  • Sensational Seafood
  • Pasta Made Easy
  • Summer Salads & Focaccia
  • Delicious Desserts
  • French Dining
  • Bread Making & Seafood Chowder
  • Pizza Making

Grass Tree Kitchen by Prue Daly – Live Chefs Table

Book your exclusive seat at the Chefs Kitchen Bench. You will be entertained and delighted at this intimate event whilst your personal Chef demonstrates and prepares a mouth-watering degustation along with paired wines before your very eyes.

Included in your exclusive Live Chefs Table experience is a full degustation with paired wines, a Grass Tree Kitchen Cook Book, Recipes of all the dishes enjoyed on the night and an all access pass to the kitchen to assist the chef in preparation of this amazing dining experience.

Dégustation is the careful, appreciative tasting of various foods, focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard P&O’s Pacific Aria

For bookings and details on upcoming cruises, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or read more about P&O’s Pacific Aria cruise ship.


Grass Tree Kitchen uses Anolon cook-wear in all their cooking schools.